Anywhere Page Testimonial

Portability lets you take it anywhere - From the boardroom to the beach,
mini-workouts are like eating small meals throughout the day
- intuitive

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Old Way

Long boring workouts. Complicated machines. Hours in the Gym.


Quick fun workouts. Anywhere - Anytime. Simple...instant results. Modern and efficient. Short frequent small frequent meals...get your
metabolism going.

Imagine having the flexibility to workout whenever and wherever you want. With the UltraFlex you can turn any space the size of a yoga mat into your own gym space. Because the UltraFlex is so portable, it is like a gym in a bag that goes with you anywhere. Eating right not only gives your body the necessary nutrients to build lean muscle mass, but it also has a way of increasing and sustaining energy through out the day. Follow the UltraFlex Lifestyle Guidelines to increase and sustain your energy to not only stay consistent with your UltraFlex exercise routine but to maintain a healthy level of energy to carry you throughout your busy day.