UltraFlex® 30 Workout Videos

Working out with the UltraFlex™ is all about time efficiency and making the time you invest in exercising fresh and exciting. All of the UltraFlex™ workouts take 30 minutes or less. The EZ8™ workout is a workout for all ages (youth up to elderly) and for all fitness levels. It is a great place to start for someone just beginning a regular exercise routine or for someone who is looking to restart their exercise routine. The UltraFlex™ 30 workouts are the all-in-one workouts that will hit cardio, full-body resistance training, agility, functional movements,along with some yoga poses all in workouts that take 17-25 minutes to do depending on degree of difficulty. Maintaining a consistent exercise routine is important for feeling better, looking better and having higher levels of energy. Working out with the UltraFlex™ is the most convenient way of looking better, feeling better and accessing that higher level of energy to carry out your daily tasks.